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OPSEU – Solid to the Corr


When people ask me what makes OPSEU so strong, I tell them that it’s because of the leadership of our members and the power of our locals.

Our members are our strength – a value that is at OPSEU’s core. 

I respect Corrections’ leadership and I am guided by OPSEU’s Constitution – a document for the members created by the members. In OPSEU, members determine our direction. That’s how Corrections members fought for and got Corr-only.  

OPSEU is a family and like any family we can disagree from time to time, but when push comes to shove, we always band together. 

Solidarity at its finest is working with your fellow union members to achieve what you want, to get the best possible wages, working conditions, and pension for yourself and your co-workers and to continue to work together.

It’s never easy. But in the long run, it always works because our foundation is rock solid. 

Remember this. OPSEU is built from the ground up to ensure that members always determine our destiny. 

It’s enshrined in our Constitution: locals and members are at the very heart of the union. 

OPSEU’s central core is also strong. Dues, grievances, bargaining priorities, elections – members always have the final say. 

So, I’m thankful, but not one bit surprised, that so many powerful Corrections members are speaking up for their union against the disruptive few trying to distract us with a CSN raid. 

And I’m thankful to the many leaders of the Corrections Division for stepping up to defeat this raid. I’m also thankful to the provincial leaders of both MERCs and PJOHSC. The support they are providing to the Corrections locals is immeasurable. They are setting a strong example with the kind of leadership that makes OPSEU great.

We’ll get through this raid, and the sooner the better. Corrections locals want to get back to the work that really matters – prepping for the next round of bargaining to ensure that, despite the times, every member gets the contract they need. The contract they deserve. That’s Corrections at its best. That’s OPSEU at its finest. 

Then. Now. Always. 

In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas
OPSEU President