OPSEU/SEFPO members re-elect President JP Hornick, acclaim First Vice-President/Treasurer Laurie Nancekivell

JP Hornick and Laurie Nancekivell stand together at Convention, holding their hands up together in celebration.

For Immediate Release
April 26, 2024

TORONTO – This morning at OPSEU/SEFPO Convention 2024, member delegates from across Ontario re-elected President JP Hornick to continue the worker fightback for better working conditions for public sector workers and strong public services for all Ontarians. It will be Hornick’s second two-year term as president of OPSEU/SEFPO.

“There is nothing we can’t do when we do it together,” said Hornick. “We will keep raising our expectations about what workers deserve, and make sure that members have what they need to organize and win when fighting their bosses and the Ford government.”

First Vice-President/Treasurer Laurie Nancekivell ran unopposed for a second term as First Vice-President/Treasurer and was acclaimed yesterday. She delivered a participatory, activist budget for the coming year that focused on transparency and building the necessary resources for members to organize in their workplaces and communities.

“The members of our union are uniting more than ever to take on bad bosses and demand better from this government,” said Nancekivell. “I’m excited to keep making decisions collaboratively with our members who are doing transformative work in OPSEU/SEFPO.”

Following the presidential election on Friday morning, Hornick and Nancekivell joined hundreds of OPSEU/SEFPO members on a march to a nearby LCBO store, where they rallied for fair wages, good jobs, and quality public services in every corner of the province.

The LCBO generates $2.5 billion in annual revenues that go directly towards public services including health care and education.

“Our message for the premier is clear, we’re not going to stand by and let this government put our money into the pockets of grocery store CEOs. We’re going to fight to protect the public services that benefit everyone in this province,” said Hornick.

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