OPSEU/SEFPO joins unions in Ontario to support anti-scab legislation


OPSEU/SEFPO is glad to stand with the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), ATU Canada, USW District 3 and ACTRA Toronto to support the Ontario NDP’s anti-scab legislation, Bill 90. Anti-scab legislation bans the use of scab labour in the event of a strike. Scab labour replaces striking workers and gives employers power at the negotiating table.

President JP Hornick spoke to the press with NDP MPP Jamie West to support the bill. They emphasized the importance of anti-scab legislation to level the playing field for workers.

All we want is to negotiate on an even playing field – or at least bargain at a table that is not entirely tilted in favour of corporations and governments. Anti-scab legislation preserves the balance of power between bosses and workers at bargaining tables. It encourages fair and good faith negotiations, and better ongoing labour relations. It preserves better working conditions and better workplaces.

That is the hope, the logic, and the history, that lies behind Bill 90 – that workers can meet employers across bargaining tables as equal partners.

JP Hornick, OPSEU/SEFPO President

They also reiterated that as unions, we do not want to negotiate employers out of business or risk our members’ jobs. We want to come to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair deal for our members with their employer in good faith – which anti-scab labour would help us achieve.

Anti-scab legislation strengthens worker power and in jurisdictions with anti-scab legislation, strikes are shorter and fewer in frequency. It’s good for workers, communities, and the economy.

We would all benefit if Bill 90 is passed, and we call on all parties to ban replacement workers.

You can read more about the anti-scab legislation here.