OPSEU/SEFPO in the news: Workers beat Ford in the courts, again!


This week, workers won against the Ford government. The Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the previous Superior Court finding that Bill 124 was unconstitutional. The government has since announced that they will not appeal the decision and will instead repeal the unjust legislation very soon.

OPSEU/SEFPO President JP Hornick spoke at a press conference at Queen’s Park and the news received significant media attention throughout the province.

“Today’s victory is a reminder of who has the real power of a majority in this province: Ontarians. Working people. Not the Premier or his government.

Premier Ford’s relentless attacks on our rights have lit a fire under working people in this province and it’s not going out anytime soon.” – JP Hornick

It’s time for the government to accept that this legislation was wrong from the beginning and focus on fixing the harms they have caused. They need to make it right. 

Some media highlights are included here!

CityNews Toronto – click here to watch.

Toronto Star

“They’ve lost not just the respect of workers, but they’ve also cost us as workers an exponential lifetime of having to catch up,” Hornick said. “What they have gained is a reinvigorated labour movement.” Click here to read more.



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