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OPSEU/SEFPO celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

April 2nd marks the 14th annual celebration of World Autism Awareness Day, a day to increase understanding and awareness of autism. On this day, people around the world Light It Up Blue to spread kindness and love in support of individuals on the autism spectrum.

OPSEU/SEFPO members directly support students on the autism spectrum every day, helping them to learn, grow, and thrive. And in our communities, we provide supportive and specialized services to children and adults on the spectrum, helping them to realize their full potential.

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by distinct strengths and unique challenges with social skills, behavioural patterns, speech and non-verbal communication.

Our members care deeply about the individuals with autism they support. The kindness, patience and empathy these workers display should be the standard for our entire society if we are to achieve true inclusivity.

Compassion, education and awareness are key to creating a more inclusive society for people with autism. OPSEU/SEFPO will always stand in solidarity with these individuals and their families, and fight to protect the public services and programs they rely on.

In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU/SEFPO President
Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida, OPSEU/SEFPO First Vice-President/Treasurer