OPSEU Region 7 Members give back to their community at Painted Rain Barrel Auction

Painted Barrel Auction

From May 6-13, EcoSuperior’s 10th Annual Painted Rain Barrel Auction was held online, with 50 per cent of the proceeds donated to the Indigenous Food Circle to support community gardens and seed purchases. OPSEU members from Region 7 showed resounding support for the auction, winning a total of 4 Rain Barrels. Members from Locals 715, 720, 731, 738, 741 and Region 7 Board Members joined together, from a distance, to show support for their communities.

“It’s heartwarming to see the generosity of these OPSEU members, coming together to help those in need in their communities,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “This is the power of solidarity at its very best.”

EcoSuperior, a non-profit organization with 20 plus years of environmental stewardship throughout the Lake Superior basin, holds the Painted Rain Barrel yearly to promote water conservation and raise money for educational programming and community outreach in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.

“We were proud to be involved in this auction with EcoSuperior,” said Ed Arvelin, OPSEU Regional Vice President of Region 7. “The work they do is key to the growth of the communities that our members live and work in – we look forward to a continued partnership with them.”

The 4 Rain Barrels won by these locals will be raffled off in Region 7 later this year, with the money raised going towards local charities.

“The enormous effort from Region 7’s members to contribute to the Painted Rain Barrel Auction was truly moving,” said Gail Kelly, Region 7 representative for the Provincial Women’s Committee. “Even in the hardest of times, OPSEU members band together to demonstrate acts of kindness.”