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OPSEU receives overwhelming response from Court Reporters

We have received an overwhelming response to our request for information about your transcript work. Your willingness to share this very personal information will definitely make the difference when we go back to the Grievance Settlement Board. While there are still some who continue to cloud the issue as a means to protect their lucrative businesses, it is a relief to see that the majority of court reporters are truly concerned about the integrity of their bargaining unit and the integrity of the record.

OPSEU has received so many responses that we had to return to the Arbitrator to ask for an extension to her deadline. We were granted the extension and the arbitration date of May 7th has been adjourned. While we continue to gather information we encourage anyone who has not responded to connect with us.

All information must be received by this Sunday, May 1, 2010.

You can reach us at courtreporters@opseu.org  or by leaving a message at 1 (866)433-4633. You can fax completed information to either (416) 448-7429 or (416) 443-8618.