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OPSEU President Smokey Thomas to Premier Kathleen Wynne: Debate Needed on Hydro One


(Toronto) Appearing on Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010 this morning, Ontario Public Service Employees Union President Warren (Smokey) Thomas reiterated his challenge to Premier Kathleen Wynne to debate the fire sale of Hydro One and answer the many questions swirling around the flawed plan.

The call for a Thomas-Wynne debate has been endorsed by the Toronto Sun.

Born out of backroom deals, the sale will be rammed through a secretive public policy and legal process this summer.

Thomas said “That’s why I’m asking Premier Wynne to be upfront and join me in an immediate public debate about the merits of selling 60 per cent of Hydro One.

“I have called for this debate repeatedly.  Today I am sending her a letter to formally repeat the challenge.

“The Premier is keeping so much of this whole scheme secret.  The debate will be a chance for her to unburden herself.

“Ontarians still have no idea how the deal will unfold, what it will mean for their hydro bills, what oversight – if any – will exist, and why it’s being rushed forward in such a cloak-and-dagger way.

“My debate offer will give her the chance to come clean as to why she has moved so fast with her scheme, taking a measly 41 days to introduce and pass sweeping legislation that she knows will change the face of our province forever.

“She’ll be able to answer why she repeatedly ignored opposition requests for a legislative committee to be called to examine the sale, and for this matter to be removed from the budget bill for thorough discussion.

“She can explain why she did not heed the warning of eight provincial accountability officers who raised red flags that squashing all public scrutiny of Hydro One is a train wreck in the making.”

Thomas said he would be willing to debate Wynne anytime and anywhere.

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