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OPSEU president: give the provisions to those in need

(TORONTO) – OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is asking the Ontario government to give to charities the furniture and provisions it had purchased for managers and replacement workers in its dispute with correctional officers.

“The Liberals have spent untold millions to accommodate the managers and scabs who were supposed to keep watch over 8,000 violent criminals. I think Ontarians heaved a collective sigh of relief when that scenario didn’t materialize.

“But what do they propose to do with all that stuff now – paid for out of the pockets of Ontario taxpayers? Their first impulse would probably be to upgrade ministerial suites or maybe have a fire sale to profit the wealthy – just as they did with Hydro One and the Athletes’ Village following the Pan Am games.

“I suggest they ignore their instincts this time and give it to those who need it most: the very poorest citizens of our province. Give the provisions to food banks. Give the furniture to local charities to distribute to those who are barely surviving on their Ontario Works or ODSP allowances.

“The government needlessly spent a lot of time and money on this labour dispute. Here is a chance for them to bring some good out of their mismanagement of the crisis – and perhaps help other individuals from ending up in our corrections system.”

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Warren (Smokey) Thomas

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