OPSEU President, First Vice President/Treasurer and Executive Leadership wage rollbacks during COVID-19 crisis


COVID-19. Its changed everything. From the way we do business to how we conduct ourselves. 

It’s an enemy that will take every bit of effort we can muster to bring it to its knees. 

It will take continued courage and sacrifice to wrestle back some semblance of normalcy. And if there’s one thing we all crave, its normalcy. 

Tough decisions face OPSEU. Decisions that protect health. That protect jobs. And that protect the organization. 

Today, after conversations with my First Vice-President/Treasurer, Eduardo Almeida and discussions with my senior management team, I am announcing the following; 

Effective April 19, 2020, my wages, Eddy’s wages and the wages of all Excluded OPSEU staff will be temporarily rolled back by 20%, pending further review. 

We hope that this move to preserve front line services for our members will not only preserve vital resources but also serve as an example to other organizations contemplating front line lay-offs. 

I thank my Excluded staff for their selfless efforts. They are working inordinate hours, often times around the clock, to support our members and our staff. I know they will continue to put in those hours, because that’s what they do every day. 

I am also requesting all Board members limit their Presidential Assignment day requests to cover only Board meetings, Officer meetings for Regional Vice-Presidents and exceptional circumstances only.

Friends, these are challenging times. But together we will prevail. We always do. Together. Then. Now. Always. 

In solidarity,


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