OPSEU OHA for consultation table

Ebola Hazard Update

OPSEU has asked the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) for a provincial multi-union consultation table.

OPSEU’s lead on EVD—the Chair of OPSEU’s Hospital Division, Sara Labelle—wrote to the OHA outlining the need for a provincial multi-union consultation table to discuss issues such as workplace mobility in the event of an outbreak, union jurisdiction, scope of practice and scheduling, to name a few of the issues that were at play during the SARS outbreak in 2003/2004. On October 17, 2014, the Minister of Health announced a “Ministry Advisory Table” that may be the table Sara requested. We will wait to see and we will continue to push for a table to discuss these important issues.

The table Sara requested is in addition to the periodic conference calls that the OHA/MOHLTC holds to update stakeholders about EVD.

For additional information, visit our Ebola Health Hazard Information page.