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OPSEU members to join rallies at campuses across the province

Large group of workers holding flags, including OPSEU flags, during a rally at Queen's Park.

OPSEU members: Say NO to Doug Ford’s cuts to education and his assault on democracy at college and university campuses. The union stands in solidarity with students rallies across the province on Monday, February 4.

President Warren (Smokey) Thomas has blasted Ford’s efforts to defund student unions and associations, along with his politically-motivated attack on progressive campus organizations and student services.

“Creating opt-out student fees is the first step in Ford’s move to slash students’ democratic right to representation on campus,” said Thomas.

“Ford’s agenda is to shut down supports for marginalized students, and silence the voices of anyone he disagrees with. It’s time to fight back.”

The Ford government cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program has further defunded Ontario’s post-secondary education system, and made it harder for students to get the funds they need to attend college of university. OPSEU stands with all of the students who have been locked out of the post-secondary education system by Ford’s damaging decisions. 

For more information about the student organized February 4, 2019 events, please visit the Facebook group “Province Wide March for Students’ Rights” at

Rallies will be held at the following locations. Please check the Facebook page for each event for updated information, possible additional rallies, and to count yourself in. All events will be held from 12 noon to 3pm.

Central rally: Queen’s Park, Toronto

Ottawa rally: Parliament Hill

Kingston: Queens University

Guelph: University of Guelph

Further details are also available on Twitter @StudentsON