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OPSEU members at Surex picket as bargaining ramps up

OPSEU members rally in Surex
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Members of OPSEU Local 5102 were pounding the pavement Tuesday afternoon at a lunchtime information picket to show support for their bargaining team. They were joined by other OPSEU members and members of Unifor. Courtney Huycke of OPSEU Local 316, which recently won a tough strike at Community Living Campbellford/Brighton, was also on hand to lend support.

Currently in conciliation with the employer, the local is mobilizing public support for their bargaining demands, which centre around health and safety, scheduling, and reversing cuts to critical positions such as drivers, housekeeping, maintenance, and full-time counsellors.  Members working at Surex are concerned about the steady decline in working conditions and quality of care as the employer continuously cuts personnel and programs.

See below for pictures from Tuesday’s picket.