OPSEU members at Shelter House speak with Horwath in Thunder Bay

OPSEU members at Shelter House, Local 738, had the opportunity to speak with Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath at a social event in Thunder Bay on Thursday evening.

tbay_sh_march_16_2017.jpg OPSEU members speaking with Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath in Thunder Bay.

 “It was encouraging to get the ear of someone in a position to help us out,” said Local 738 vice-president Joseph Everett. “She listened to us describe the important work we do in the Street Outreach Service (SOS), and committed to bringing the issue up with the mayor when she meets with him today.”

Because of a $200,000 budget shortfall, Shelter House has been forced to temporarily suspend the SOS program, but members at the shelter are appealing to both the government and the community to step in and prevent the service suspension. 

tbay_sh_march_16_2017_2.jpg OPSEU Local 738 vice-president Joseph Everett (third from left, front) and OPSEU Executive Board Member Ed Arvelin (second from right, front) pose with OPSEU members and Andrea Horwath (centre, back).