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OPSEU looking for applicants from interested CAAT Academic retirees

OPSEU is currently seeking applications from interested CAAT Academic retirees for the volunteer position of OPSEU appointee on the provincial CAAT Retirees Group Insurance Advisory Committee (CRGIAC).

The committee acts as an advisory body, assisting the College Employer Council in ensuring the appropriate benefit design and cost effectiveness of the group insurance benefit plans available to retirees.

Please assist us by distributing this request to potential interested College Academic retirees.

The CRGIAC meets approximately four times per year. Two times per year are in person at Council’s offices in Toronto. The other two times may be by conference call. Expenses are reimbursed.

The duties of the committee are to:

  • facilitate communication between the Council, the union, the colleges and retirees;
  • understand the retiree benefit plans;
  • consider the impact of proposed new benefit improvements or the deletion or modification of existing benefits, and make recommendations to the Council regarding any change to the retiree group insurance benefit plans;
  • monitor the financial position and administration of the retiree plans;
  • assist in the design of communication materials;
  • review contentious claims and make recommendations when such claim problems have not been resolved through the existing administrative procedure; and
  • review proposed rate increases and make recommendations to the Council.

To qualify for appointment, an applicant must be:

  • retired, and a member of the CAAT Academic bargaining unit immediately prior to retiring (this could be as a full-time or partial load member);
  • in receipt of a CAAT or Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan pension;
  • participating in CAAT retiree benefits; and
  • a member of OPSEU’s Retiree Division (or willing to join).

Knowledge of benefit plans and issues and experience representing members would be an asset. There is not a paid position however, reimbursement of expenses is provided, along with training. Members of the CAAT Academic divisional executive with appropriate resource people will be interviewing for these positions in early February 2018 to ensure selection by the end of February 2018.

Interested retirees must send a letter of application and a resume electronically to Kim Macpherson at kmacpherson@opseu.org, or fax to (905) 712-3009 prior to 5:00 p.m. on Friday January 19, 2018.