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OPSEU Local 585 protests closure of employment training offices (Scarborough Mirror)

Scarborough community development workers rallied outside Liberal MPP Brad Duguid’s constituency office last Friday where they protested a plan to close the community’s only employment and training service office. 

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said the closure, announced in March 2015, makes no sense – it is the busiest ministry office in Ontario.  “It means taking community programs and community development workers out of the community,” Thomas said.

“Easy access to programs encourages participation,” said Ian Shaw, a steward from OPSEU Local 585. “Without access, many clients will lose hope of getting the training and support they need to go back to work. They need a human connection to help them through a difficult transition.”

As members of Local 585 marched outside Duguid’s office, they were joined by several community members, other workers and allies. Representatives from various agencies who work with the Scarborough MTCU office also came out in support. They spoke about how difficult it would be to coordinate services for Scarborough residents from locations elsewhere in the city. 

Members of Local 585 have vowed to keep up the pressure on Duguid and all other Liberal MPPs in Scarborough to stop the closure.

Read the full article in the Scarborough Mirror from Dec. 2, 2015.

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