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OPSEU leaders scoff at MPP Ross Romano’s ‘amateur-hour’ attempts to stifle protest

MPP Ross Romano - Sit-ins are not permitted in our office

Sault Ste. Marie – The leaders of one of the largest public sector unions in the province are expressing amused disbelief at the attempts by Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano to stifle protest at his constituency office.


“We didn’t need more proof that this government is a joke, but Ross Romano has gone ahead and given us some anyway,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “Talk about amateur hour.”

Last week, a sign appeared in the window of Romano’s constituency office. It reads: “To preserve constituent confidentiality, sit-ins are not permitted in our office.” 

OPSEU Region 6 Regional Vice-President Tara Maszczakiewicz said she couldn’t believe the sign when she saw it.

“Constituent confidentiality?” asked Maszczakiewicz. “I can understand why supporters of this government might want to keep their identity hidden. But judging by the polls, this government doesn’t have many supporters left.”

She said she’d just laugh the sign off if it didn’t have such troubling undercurrents.

“Lawful protest is a fundamental right in any healthy democracy,” said Maszczakiewicz. “If Romano and his constituency office staff don’t have respect for that, what do they have respect for?”

Thomas said that with all the chaos coming from the Ford Conservatives, it’s easy to see why Romano wants to put a damper on protest.

“But this trumped-up ‘constituent confidentiality’ excuse is just sad,” said Thomas. “If Romano and the Conservatives really want to stop citizens from protesting, they have to stop with all the cuts, layoffs, and privatizations.”
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OPSEU Region 6 Regional Vice-President Tara Maszczakiewicz, 705-257-0543