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OPSEU launches Responsible Plan campaign for safe cannabis sales

Responsible plan

A new poll shows that the people of Ontario are worried about what will happen when cannabis becomes legal on Oct. 17. Will our kids and grandkids get hurt? Will our communities be safe?

To help ensure kids and communities stay safe, OPSEU has launched a campaign called A Responsible Plan.

“The problem is Doug Ford’s reckless and risky scheme to privatize cannabis sales,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas.

“Drugs like cannabis and alcohol can do an incredible amount of damage when they’re not sold safely and responsibly. That’s why we need a responsible plan to sell legal cannabis through the publicly owned and managed LCBO

“The LCBO is tried, tested and true when it comes to responsible sales and revenue generation.”

With municipal elections happening across the province on Oct 22, the Responsible Plan campaign is designed to make private cannabis sales an election issue.

It gives people the opportunity to send all their candidates an email encouraging the municipality to demand the option of having public cannabis stores in their community.

“Communities can opt-out of having a private cannabis store, but choosing between the private sector and the black market is no choice at all,” said Thomas. “Communities need a real choice. A responsible choice. A choice like the LCBO.”