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OPSEU joins protest at Chatham MPP’s office

Large group of workers holding picket signs and flags, including OPSEU flags, during rally.

OPSEU and other union members were out in force at a Ford government protest at the office of MPP Rick Nichol, reports the Chatham Daily News.

The paper says that OPSEU Region 1 Regional Vice-President Len Elliott shared a prediction of what will happen under the Ford government.

“Beer is going to be in corner stores and then secondly, you and I will lose public services or our taxes will go up,” said Elliott. “It is not about unions, it is about services that will affect every single family in some way in some shape. It’s really death by a thousand cuts by this premier.”

Kevin Sprague, president of OPSEU Local 130, was also quoted in the article.

“It’s just not labour’s fight, it’s the public’s fight,” said Sprague. “Everyone is being affected by the Ford government, it’s just not unions, it’s everyday people.”