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OPSEU film selected for showing at New York Labour Film Festival


OPSEU’s 20-minute documentary on PC leader Tim Hudak’s plan to bring American style, anti-union laws to Ontario is attracting attention south of the border.

“Made in the USA – Tim Hudak’s Plan to Cut Your Wages” has been selected for showing at next month’s Workers Unite Film Festival in New York.

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The OPSEU produced film released in September 2013, is a journey of discovery to three U.S. states seeking the truth about so-called “Right to Work” laws. The misleadingly named legislation is being pushed by Tea Party Republicans, their corporate backers and by Tim Hudak who claims undermining Unions will usher in prosperity. The filmmakers discover however that “Right to Work” laws actually usher in lower wages for everyone and have nothing to do with the right to a job.

“Made in the USA” has been shown at union gatherings across Canada and received more than 20,000 hits on YouTube since it’s release. It’s been praised for its clear, often entertaining exploration of a complicated but crucially important issue.

It was shot and edited by OPSEU videographer Anna Jover Royo, enhanced with classy graphics by OPSEU staffer Jason Alward and directed by former CBC journalist Bill Gillespie.

The Workers Unite Film Festival runs from May 9th to May 14th, 2014. The festival has attracted over 30 short and feature length labour and social oriented film from countries including Greece, South Africa, Mexico, Canada the U.S. and others.