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OPSEU Consults on Expanding Correctional Unit

An information package about the Corrections December 16-17 consultation phone-in vote on the scope of the Corrections bargaining unit has been mailed to all eligible signed-up members, in both institutions and the community. This includes full-time, part-time, and fixed term (unclassified) members, as well as those on leave or secondment.

Strategic Communications Inc. (STRATCOM) is the independent, external third party conducting the secret ballot, phone-in vote..

Members in the current Correctional bargaining unit will be asked to vote YES or NO to the following:

I support a stand-alone collective agreement for the current Correctional Bargaining Unit, separate from the rest of the Ontario Public Service.  I request that OPSEU undertake the negotiations and other actions that are necessary to achieve a stand-alone collective agreement as a priority for the Corrections Division.

Members in the Unified bargaining unit who work in a Corrections work location will be asked to vote YES or NO to the following:

If the Correctional Bargaining Unit successfully achieves a stand-alone collective agreement, separate from the rest of the Ontario Public Service, then I would be interested to have my position transferred out of the Unified Bargaining Unit and into the Correctional Bargaining Unit under that stand-alone collective agreement.

If you believe that you are eligible to vote and you have not received the information package by December 10, please call the third-party hotline at 1-866-537-6199 ext. 45 on December 11, 14 or 15 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The information gathered in this vote will help the Executive Board make an informed decision about the scope of the Correctional Bargaining Unit.

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