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OPSEU CAS workers mark Pink Shirt Day!

Pink shirt with "Pink Shirt Day, 100% Bully-Free" written on the tag.

OPSEU members in social services mark the ninth anniversary of Pink Shirt Day on February 22. There has been a growing societal recognition that bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and on the Internet.  The impacts of bullying and harassment are serious, and can lead to wide-ranging health and mental health problems that cost us all. In Ontario, all workers are entitled to workplaces free from harassment and bullying.

The theme of Pink Shirt Day this year is, “Make Nice. ” This friendly reminder acknowledges that no matter what our differences are, kindness is always a choice worth making.  National Pink Shirt Day was started by a group of teenage boys in Nova Scotia in support of another boy who was the victim of bullying. OPSEU members have stood in solidarity with the National Pink Shirt Day Campaign since it began.

We urge all members to “Make Nice” – engage in acts of kindness, and remind employers that we as a society will not tolerate bullying or harassment anywhere.

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In solidarity,
Jane Kaija, Chair, OPSEU Children’s Aid sector