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OPSEU campaign mocks corporate tax cuts


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People For Corporate Tax Cuts is funny. It's provocative. It's a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign that makes the point that corporate tax cuts have a price.

The campaign focuses on Premier Dalton McGuinty's cut to the corporate income tax rate, which according to the government, will cut $2.4 billion from public revenues. This is money that won't be available for health care. Or childcare. Or colleges and universities. Or roads and transit. It's a huge sum of money.

And it works out to almost exactly $500 from each of the 4.8 million Ontario households.

Why is the union talking about corporate tax cuts?

The answer is simple. If we don't, there is no way we can stop the steady erosion of the public services Ontarians depend on. There is no way we can protect our jobs and working conditions. There is no way we can build a fairer more inclusive Ontario.

Help spread the word about the campaign.

  1. Watch and share the videos.

  2. Like and share the People For Corporate Tax Cuts page on Facebook.

  3. Submit your idea about how you will raise your family's $500. All it takes is a photo or video and you could win $500!

Our campaign is having an impact. It's getting the attention of media and politicians.

People For Corporate Tax Cuts wants to help you help Ontario's corporations.

People For Corporate Tax Cuts member Mandy took her kids out of school to help pay for Ontario's corporate tax cuts.

People For Corporate Tax Cuts puts the corporations' dreams to music.

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