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OPSEU and Teranet working together to implement Grievance Arbitration award ruling

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In 2009, OPSEU filed a policy grievance regarding Teranet’s interpretation of the recognition clause. The recognition clause describes what Teranet work is governed by the Collective Agreement. Although Teranet and OPSEU worked hard to achieve a settlement, none was reached. The case therefore went to arbitration for interpretation of the recognition clause. Recently, the Arbitrator returned with a ruling that will broaden the presence of OPSEU at Teranet. Teranet and OPSEU are now working together to interpret the decision and application of the decision. It is too soon to comment on what impacts it might have. Once we have a clear view forward, we will provide more information.

For more information:
Bernard King,
Staff Representative
(416) 443-8888 ext. 2482