OPSEU and ERFP Redeployment Update


The Ontario Council of Educational Workers (OCEW) has been involved in discussions with the Government regarding a voluntary temporary redeployment initiative which would enable some members in the education sector to volunteer for temporary redeployment in the community.

Following these discussions, the OCEW approved the following motion:

“OCEW endorses the ability of each of its member unions to decide whether to participate in the Voluntary Temporary Redeployment of Employees between Employers relating to COVID-19 and if they choose the OCEW endorses the use of the suggested template internal agreement.”

Ministry Memorandum.pdf 


Highlights of the Agreement include:

  • Temporarily Redeployed Employees shall remain employees of the School Board Employer and shall continue to be covered by the terms of the collective agreement between the parties including dues, wages, benefits (including but not limited to: LTD, Life insurance, WSIB), pension entitlement, service, seniority.
  • Temporarily Redeployed Employees must receive appropriate safety equipment, health and safety and orientation training. 
  • Wages of the Temporarily Redeployed Employee shall include the Province’s temporary pandemic pay announced on April 25, 2020, if the Temporarily Redeployed Employee is matched to an eligible worksite and a qualifying role. Temporarily Redeployed Employees may access emergency child care services based on the Emergency Orders.
  • Ten (10) month employees who are typically laid off for the Summer also may volunteer to work beyond those ten (10) months, while maintaining their recall rights with the School Board Employer.
  • Daily casual employees who are currently laid off due to COVID-19 circumstances may also volunteer.
  • The voluntary temporary redeployment may be terminated at any time
  • There shall be no discipline or reprisal to any employee who refuses a voluntary temporary redeployment to another sector despite their having volunteered.
  • This voluntary temporary redeployment plan will continue until there is no longer an active emergency declaration under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. 

Potential community placements for education workers include: residential childcare facilities and residential homes for youth; residential group homes for those with developmental disabilities, Violence Against Women (VAW) and anti-human trafficking residential sites; youth justice residential facilities; and emergency homeless shelters. 

We are asking Staff Representatives and the Locals and/or Local Presidents to engage in discussions and/or negotiations with their respective boards regarding this voluntary temporary redeployment initiative.