OPS Unified wage reopener update

A message from the OPS Unified Bargaining Team to all OPS Unified members:

This is an update from your OPS (Ontario Public Service) Unified Bargaining Team regarding the attempts to work with the employer on the wage reopener clause in the current Collective Agreement.

As you know, the Bargaining Team last met with the employer on September 23, 2023, to continue negotiating a proper wage increase after years of stagnant wages and after Bill 124, which imposed wage limitations on public service workers, was overturned. At the September meeting, the employer’s proposal did not meet the needs of the workers. So, the bargaining team provided a counter proposal.

At this time, we want to let you know that the employer has not yet responded to the counter proposal given to them on September 23, 2023, nor have they afforded the bargaining team with the courtesy of a timeframe for their response.

Much like previously scheduled meetings with the employer, they continue to show OPS Unified members an unimaginable level of disrespect when it comes to the wage reopener mediation efforts. This mediation is a part of a signed Memorandum of Settlement, of which both the employer and the bargaining team are signatories. The bargaining team has been present and ready to engage with the employer in a respectful manner at every scheduled meeting. Sadly, the employer has not responded with the same energy.

In the meantime, the OPS Unified Bargaining Team is busy engaging with members alongside regional OPS Unified mobilizers. The mobilizers are reaching out to members, engaging in conversations, and encouraging individuals to share information with their coworkers. This work will continue to strengthen the OPS Unified Bargaining Team’s efforts regarding the wage reopener and show a united front to the employer in the next round of bargaining.

We ask that OPS Unified members continue to show support for our bargaining team and the mobilizers. Please continue to wear black to work on Thursdays and/or Fridays, display union swag at your workstation and show your support on social media!

If you have not already done so, please send a message to your MPP, and Premier Ford with this easy-to-use tool: www.fairwagesnow.ca. We have pre-drafted a message for you to use, but feel free to customize it – your story could go a long way.

We will keep you updated about the wage reopener and other efforts as information becomes available.

In solidarity,
Your OPS Unified Bargaining Team

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