OPS Unified wage reopener update: wear black this Thurs & Fri!

Support your OPS Bargaining Team at the table – wear black this Thursday and Friday!

As we head back to the table for wage reopener talks, we need your support. Together, we can show this government that we’re worth more than one per cent.

Take action & show the employer that you support your Bargaining Team:

  • Wear black on Thursday and Friday.
  • Change your avatar and team background to black.
  • Use/wear OPSEU/SEFPO swag (where appropriate).
  • Share photos on social media during your breaks/lunch and while off-site.

Your team is working together to prepare for mediation this weekend on June 10 & 11 with mediator Gerry Lee. Afterwards, your team will provide an update.

With Bill 124, and its wage limitation overturned it’s time to improve OPS members’ compensation now!

It’s time for this government to address the key issues we face – like recruitment and retention in the Ontario Public Service, high inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, to name just a few. They must recognize the work and sacrifices that OPS members made during the pandemic and continue to make to this day.

OPSEU/SEFPO is calling on the provincial government to start by respecting the court’s decision on Bill 124, skipping their appeal, and moving forward in fixing the underfunding and understaffing crisis that has plagued our public services.

The employer must take these talks seriously and come to the table with real and genuine proposals – a one per cent wage increase wasn’t enough! OPS members deserve a significant remedy now.

That’s why your team is asking for your support. Don’t forget to wear black this Thursday and Friday and show your support for your bargaining team!

In Solidarity,

Coleen Houlder – Team Chair, Region 5 Representative
Amanda Usher – Team Vice Chair, Region 3 Representative
Chris Draxl – FXT Representative
Chris Eckert – TECH Representative
Daryl O’Grady – CERC Representative
Grace Grieve – IHC Representative
Holly Sullivan – Region 1 Representative
Joseph Labaki – ADM Representative
Kevin Sprague – ADM Representative
Leslie Aiston – Region 4 Representative
Michele Morrison – Region 2 Representative
Shawn Burr – Region 7 Representative