OPS Unified Wage Reopener: Employer comes to table without a proposal

OPS Unified wage reopener: Employer comes to table without a proposal

OPS Unified Bargaining Unit Members – Listen Up!

On Saturday, June 10, your bargaining team returned to the table to negotiate wages and other monetary items under the reopener clause, following the Superior Court of Ontario deeming the wage cap bill – Bill 124 – “void and of no effect”.

Your bargaining team spent the last two weeks working diligently for our OPS Unified members on the proposals in order to have meaningful mediation with the employer regarding these matters.

The employer came to the mediation without a proposal.

That is what our employer thinks of us. Nothing!

We have taken years of $0.

As residents of Ontario, we are all dealing with a cost-of-living crisis. OPS Unified members are facing:

  • high interest rates;
  • high inflation;
  • increase in rent;
  • increase in food;
  • high gas prices;
  • increase in medical care; and
  • high mortgage rates.

“By not even trying to negotiate with us, this employer is no longer hiding their blatant disrespect. This is a direct hit to all OPS Unified workers, and we must build worker power to fight back! When we build worker power through organizing – having one-on-one conversations and building supermajorities to take on a fight together – nothing can stop us from winning.”

JP Hornick, OPSEU/SEFPO President

We are not going to take it anymore!

Your team is not done. We will not back down!

Stand with us!

Tentative mediation dates have been scheduled in September. Keep an eye on your email for further updates from your bargaining team on how we can all stand in solidarity to fight for better wages!

In solidarity,

Your OPS Unified bargaining team:

Coleen Houlder – Team Chair, Region 5 Representative
Amanda Usher – Team Vice Chair, Region 3 Representative
Chris Draxl – FXT Representative
Chris Eckert – TECH Representative
Daryl O’Grady – CERC Representative
Grace Grieve – IHC Representative
Holly Sullivan – Region 1 Representative
Joseph Labaki – ADM Representative
Kevin Sprague – ADM Representative
Leslie Aiston – Region 4 Representative
Michele Morrison – Region 2 Representative
Shawn Burr – Region 7 Representative