OPS Unified Post-Arbitration Award Updated Wage Grid


Following the Arbitration Award, announced January 21st, for the OPS Unified Bargaining Unit, the employer and the union have held ongoing meetings to discuss the implementation of the award.

The parties have reviewed the new wage rates for all classifications, except for nurse classifications. This includes the general wage increases for 2022, 2023, and 2024, as well as the special adjustments included in the award. You can review the entirety of the award here.

To review the wage grid for all classifications EXCEPT nurses, please click here.

Approximate timeline:

At this time the Employer announced that members can expect new wage rates in early to mid-summer 2024. Once the new rate of pay is implemented, the next payroll run will include retroactive payments for majority of active OPS Unified employees. The following several pay runs will be used by the Employer for any corrections that are required.

Once active employees receive their new rate of pay and their retroactive payments, the Employer will then implement retroactive payments for inactive employees.

The employer will notify WSIB, LTIP and pension of the changes.

Wage Adjustments – Nurse Classifications

The parties have not yet reached agreement regarding the new wage rates for nurse classifications.  The union and the employer continue to discuss the new wage rates for nurse classifications as directed by the arbitrator.

A timeline for the implementation of the new wages rates and retroactive payments for nurse classifications will be provided following agreement between the union and the employer.

Salary Schedules

The salary schedule for 2021-2024 can be reviewed here.