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OPS Unified pay equity: what you need to know

Pay Equity Now. 30 years and still waiting. OPSEU Developmental Services.

OPSEU represents two bargaining units: Unified and Corrections. Each unit is responsible for bargaining its own pay equity plan.

Unified has begun this process before the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal, pursuant to Appendix 34 of the collective agreement, and the Terms of Reference, as agreed to by the parties.

Under both agreements, two committees are to be established: a Joint Steering Committee (JSC) and a Joint Working Group (JWG). Each will have different and defined responsibilities. The following members have been appointed to committees:


Members:  Neil Martin, Daryl O’Grady, and Nicole St. Amand
Staff:  Len Elliott, Roxanne Barnes, and Ayla Davey

February 12, 2020
December 10, 2019


Members: Daryl O’Grady, Coleen Houlder, and Leslie Aiston
Staff: Ayla Davey

The committees’ functions, to name a few, include:

  • determining job class groupings, gender predominance, and a gender-neutral comparison system;
  • developing and distributing a position information questionnaire for the purpose of comparing male and female job classes; and
  • negotiating an updated pay equity plan.

OPSEU Staff:  Ayla Davey – Lead, OPSEU Pay Equity Negotiator & Roxanne Barnes – OPS Negotiator, committees’ resource

Negotiating and agreeing to a pay-equity-compliant, gender-neutral comparison system is a time-consuming and detailed process. There are thousands of different job titles, each with its own job description and assigned duties and responsibilities.

The union and the employer have met on several occasions and continue to meet as required. The proposed timeframe will not be known until all relevant information is gathered and evaluated by the committees.

We appreciate your patience throughout this process. We want to ensure we get it right, and that it is successful.

Stay tuned to this webpage for further updates. Should you have any questions, please email them to unifiedpayequity@opseu.org.