OPS Unified members “activate” for a chance to win

OPS Unified bargaining unit members will have a chance to show their #OPSLove and win one of seven prizes of $1,000 starting on Valentine's Day.

The Central Employee Relations Committee (CERC) has launched a new campaign called "Activate, Educate, Participate!" with a contest that every OPS Unified member is eligible to enter.

Visit opseu.org/OPSactivate to find out how to enter and to see full contest rules.

Mickey Riccardi, CERC co-chair, is launching the campaign and the contest at noon on Valentine's Day with an announcement by live video on OPSEU's Facebook page. The CERC encourages all members to tun in live (on your own devices) to hear her message.

The goal of the campaign is simple: it is a union-building exercise to engage as many members as possible in the OPS Unified bargaining unit.

The first step is getting new members to sign union cards, and current members to sign up for OPSEU's online Member Portal during the "Activate" contest phase, which ends at 4:00 p.m. on March 29, 2018. (Current members who are already signed up for the online Member Portal will be automatically entered.)

Then, during the "Educate and Participate" phase, which starts in April 2018, OPS Unified members will be encouraged to learn about their union and get involved.

Don't miss out! Follow OPSEU on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and share the #OPSLove (and the contest) with all OPS Unified bargaining unit members.