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OPS Table Talk 2016 Issue 46 – the parties head to arbitration

We informed you in Table Talk 45 that the union and the employer had agreed to a mediation/arbitration process to settle the two outstanding issues in corrections bargaining: special wage adjustments for 2016 and 2017, and grid progression over the term of the collective agreement.

The parties agreed to March 13 and 14 for mediation. On March 13, your correctional bargaining team met with the mediator/arbitrator, who was also meeting with the employer on the premises. Despite a full day of discussion, the parties were unable to resolve their issues. As such, the second day of mediation, scheduled for March 14, was cancelled.

The next step is arbitration, which will be conducted by written submission. The union and the employer have agreed to submit their respective arbitration briefs and supporting documentation to the arbitrator and the opposing party by March 28. Your bargaining team is working with staff to collect data and prepare the submission.

Both parties will submit their rebuttal arguments by April 7. Rebuttal arguments refute the brief that has been submitted by the other side.

The arbitrator will take into account both briefs and all supporting documentation. He will make a decision that is binding on the parties. We do not know when the decision will be made, since it lies in the hands of the arbitrator. We appreciate your continued patience and support.

In the meantime, we continue to talk to the employer about fact sheets for administrative compensated leave (ACL) and compensating time off (CTO).

In solidarity,

Your Correctional Bargaining Team

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