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OPS Table Talk 2015 Issue 41 – January 10 strike deadline expected in Corrections talks

OPSEU members in the Correctional Bargaining Unit can expect to be in a legal strike or lockout position on January 10, 2016 at 12:01 a.m.

Your Corrections bargaining team expects to receive confirmation later today that the Ontario Ministry of Labour has mailed a “no board” report with respect to contract talks between OPSEU and the government of Ontario.

Under Ontario labour law, the legal strike or lockout deadline is the 17th day following mailing of the report. Once it’s mailed, the clock is officially ticking.

While no negotiations are scheduled at this time, your Corrections bargaining team continues to hope that our employer will come to its senses and bargain seriously before the deadline. The crisis in Corrections is real, and it cannot be solved unless and until this employer shows that it respects frontline workers.

Right now, the place to show that respect is at the bargaining table.

In the meantime, all OPSEU members in the Correctional Bargaining Unit should prepare for a strike or lockout. Please be sure to complete a Form B and hand it in, with a voided cheque, to your local. Locals should make sure Form Bs are returned to their regional office to be processed at OPSEU Head Office.  You cannot receive strike pay unless you turn in your Form B.

Download your Form B here.

Strike preparations are well under way across the province. Locals are already setting up strike headquarters and firming up plans for strike training prior to the deadline.

In solidarity,

Your Corrections bargaining team

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