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OPS Table Talk 2015 Issue 18 – Essential Services Update

Essential services tables, with the exception of Corrections, continue to meet daily. While progress is slow agreements are being reached.

However, OPSEU has filed a dispute over the government’s lack of proper disclosure at the unified tables. Lack of full disclosure makes it difficult for your teams to determine what a normal complement might be in any workplace and as a consequence, determine the essential service worker complement.

At the Corrections table the team is preparing to file a charge with the OLRB as the Employer has not responded to the “All Out” position they tabled.

Between August 3rd to 28th inclusive, the tables will be taking a recess so that staff can use vacation entitlements. Your team members will have a few choices to consider to cover this recess period. Some may also take vacation; others may have assignments through our mobilization room or even return to work.

Normal essential services negotiations will resume on September 1st.

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