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OPS Table Talk 2015 Issue 15 – Keep Up the Good Work

Your central/unified team and your corrections team both continue to move through essential services negotiations and both continue to experience Employer roadblocks on disclosure and reasonable EESA staffing levels.

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The Union is actively pursuing these issues. 

It's a lot of work. We must research and compile information to ensure the best possible agreements are in place. This process is lengthy and we ask for your continued patience.


The corrections team has met with the employer to discuss the master agreements, but nothing has been agreed to. The team is just beginning to get the disclosure materials arising from the memorandum of understanding reached with the help of the Ontario Labour Relations Board. We expect more information in the coming weeks.


Members are asking what is the teams' strategy? Strategy and timelines are integral to negotiations. You must understand that strategies must remain in the teams' hands.

You have given us a strong strike mandate, but all essential and emergency service agreements must be in place before we can legally act on it.

You were clear through the demand set process – no concessions! The employer gives no hint they are ready to move. We have already suffered wage freezes and concessions, and this time the employer wants much more. The opening positions are on the OPSEU website. Let us be clear, we have not been bargaining contract issues since January 27 when the employer forced us into essential services bargaining. The only talks that have taken place are in relation to EESAs and there is no deadline.

Now is not the time to waiver! The cuts won't stop there!

Continue to prepare for a possible strike

There is no current strike deadline and we are facing a continued lengthy process with EESAs. You should use this time to prepare financially for a possible strike. In the 1996 round these ESSA talks took approximately two years and these agreements have not been negotiated since 2005. A lot has changed. It will take time.

Stay Informed: Your actions matter

Please continue with workplace actions, rallies and contacting your MPPs. Increased pressure will encourage the employer back to the table to negotiate a contract, not a strike.

We know it is difficult to keep up the momentum. Be creative! There are many ways to build solidarity.

What about vacation time?

Continue to make requests for vacation time and if there is any silliness going on in your workplace, contact the MOB room at OPSEU and advise us immediately!

Health and Safety Reps/Committees

Although we have asked members to step down from all committees, your health and safety committee should continue to meet and perform monthly inspections.

Don't listen to rumours! TableTalk Update is your only official communication from the OPS Bargaining Teams.

Keep up the good work. We appreciate all your support and urge you to continue.

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Corrections Team

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