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OPS Table Talk 2014 Issue 3: Something has to change…and quickly

The latest bargaining and mobilizing news for OPS members

Something has to change…and quickly

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Your Central/Unified and Corrections Bargaining Teams resumed negotiations with the employer this week with the intent of moving closer to reaching a new OPS Collective Agreement.

It would appear, however, that the employer has a different plan.

From what we have experienced this week, our message to you is simple, and very clear.

As of right now, unless there is a complete reversal in the employer’s position, the OPS will be on strike.

The employer will NOT move off the “net zero” monetary position they tabled on Nov. 20 (whereas any money saved can be applied to increases). In fact, it has gotten even worse. Now, the employer’s position is that even if cost savings are achieved, there will be no increases to wages for the first two years. You are getting ZERO. This runs completely contradictory to what the Ontario Premier is trying to sell to the public.

Your teams are at the table, and we are meeting with the other side. However, these meetings are NOT producing any results. The employer remains steadfast that they will not change their bargaining position. They are intent on slashing your wages, your drug plan, LTIP entitlements, and termination pay, among a host of others.

Something has to change…and quickly. That change starts with you.

Your teams need power at the table. We need something to happen to change the employer’s position, and attitude. We need as much action as possible to avert what will likely be a very nasty labour dispute.

This Sunday, OPSEU will protest Premier Kathleen Wynne’s New Year's Levee. Over the next week, OPS locals will be asked to hold as many demonstrations, information pickets and worksite actions as possible. We must be loud, disruptive and highly visible. It’s time to change the game, and the only ones who can do that are the members of OPS.

This week, OPS Strike Manuals were sent out. By preparing for a strike, we are also showing the employer that we are ready to back our contract demands, and our strike vote is real. Locals are urged to start preparing now, if they haven’t already done so. This will also help at the bargaining tables.

Your teams need you now more than ever. Every member needs to step up, speak up and rise up. It’s better to do it now, than on a picket line.

Issue sheets coming next week

Starting this Monday, the teams will continually send out single page Issue Sheets explain the drastic impacts the employer’s proposals will have on every OPS member. Contrary to some opinions out there, not one member of the OPS will be spared by the employer’s proposals for the new contract.

Watch your email and the OPSEU website for these bulletins. If you are not receiving emails, contact OPSEU and update your contact information. You can’t afford to be left out.

Stay tuned

OPSEU Communications will send out bargaining bulletins with updated information during OPS negotiations.

Stay informed, get involved, and show your solidarity. Together we will get a fair and decent contract!!

Contact us:

Central/Unified Team centralbargaining@opseu.org

Corrections Team correctionsbargaining@opseu.org

Don’t listen to rumours! TableTalk Update is your only official communication from the OPS Bargaining Teams.

Your OPS Bargaining teams

Central/Unified Team

Roxanne Barnes, CERC (Chair)

Ron Langer, Region 1 (Vice Chair)

Elaine Young, Region 2

Betty Marchegiano, Region 3

Dylan Lineger, Region 4

Dennis Wilson, Region 5

Beth Anich, Region 6

John Watson, Region 7

Mickey Riccardi, Administration

Glenna Caldwell, Corrections

Cindy Falcao, Institutional and Health Care

Tim Elphick, Office Administration

Johanne Bourgeois, Office Administration

John Berry, Operational and Maintenance/Technical

Steve Anderson, Fixed Term

Ruth Hamilton, Staff Negotiator

Corrections Team

John McLaren, Region 1

Dan Sidsworth, Region 2

Gord Longhi, Region 3 (Vice-Chair)

Tom O’Neill, Region 4 (Chair)

Monte Vieselmeyer, Region 5

Scott McIntyre, Region 6

Barb Friday, Region 7

Anastasios Zafiriadis, Staff Negotiator

Original authorized for distribution:

Roxanne Barnes, Chair, Central/Unified Team

Tom O’Neill, Chair, Corrections Team

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President, Ontario Public Service Employees Union

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