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OPS Issue Sheet #5 – Get hurt at work? You’ll pay for it

More pain for the injured: Get hurt at work? You’ll pay for it

The Ontario Government has mandatory laws to protect injured workers in the province. In many OPS jobs, getting hurt at work is more than a rare occurrence…for some it can be a daily fact of life.

However the same employer that put these laws in place wants to penalize their workers if they are injured and file a WSIB claim.

Currently, if you are off work due to a workplace injury or occupational disease and receive an award from WSIB, you receive 85 per cent of your salary, with the employer topping up to 100 per cent for the first sixty-five (65) days. After that, you can top up with vacation credits or CTO time if you are given an award lower than your current salary.

The employer doesn’t want to do this anymore. Not only does the employer want to pay just the 85 per cent with no top up, they want to eliminate your ability to use credits to top up your wages. To add the icing to the cake, they also want to eliminate the ability to accumulate vacation credits while on WSIB.

The bottom line: No one goes to work planning to get injured, or to suffer from a disease caused by their job. This is a traumatic event in your life, and to help you through it, your employer seems intent on cutting your pay and making your life even worse. This is more than a benefits cut – this is a slap in the face for every OPS member who has been injured physically or mentally while trying to provide vital services to the people of Ontario.

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Authorized by:

Roxanne Barnes, Chair, Central/Unified Team
Tom O’Neill, Chair, Corrections Team

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President

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