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OPS fixed-term employees now eligible for extended benefits

In the recent round of OPS negotiations the parties agreed to extend the Supplementary Health & Hospital and Dental benefits plans (as set out in Articles 39 and 40) to fixed-term employees (FXT). This is an optional benefit and any FXT employee who opts into the plan is responsible for 100 per cent of the monthly premiums.

The employer has faced a number of difficulties implementing this benefits extension plan. The employer now informs us that it will implement the FXT benefits package, effective July 15.

The insurance carriers, Manulife (Supplementary Health & Hospital) and Great-West Life (Dental), have agreed to administer the FXT benefits plans.  The Fact Sheet and application forms will be found on the MyOPS intranet by July 15.  These materials are also posted on the OPSEU website.

There is a 31-day enrollment period beginning on July 15 and ending on August 15. Once enrolled the benefits become effective August 1, 2013.

Because the insurance carriers are administering the FXT plans, payment must be made to the insurance carriers; Manulife requires post-dated cheques (attached to the enrollment form) while Great-West Life allows pre-authorized debit.

FXT employees can elect to enroll in the Supplementary Health & Hospital with or without vision care and the dental plan.  You do not need to disclose pre-existing conditions.

The monthly premiums for each component of the benefits plan are laid out below:

  Single Family
Supplementary Health & Hospital:  $89.33     $249.70
Vision Care and Hearing Aids:  $7.75 $22.59
Dental: $39.61 $89.82
Monthly Total (for all 3):   $136.69      $362.11

We strongly recommend that you keep copies of all correspondence when sending in your applications.  In addition, you should also email your enrollment form to your manager at the same time that you send your forms to the insurance carriers.  In this way you will be able to prove that you enrolled in the FXT benefits plan during the 31 day opt-in window if there is any dispute.

OPSEU’s policy grievance will stand until we see this roll out.


Insured Benefits Fact Sheet

Dental Form

Supplementary Health and Hospital