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OPS Correctional bargaining team elected


On June 2, the Ontario government presented OPSEU with an offer to “roll over” collective agreements in the OPSEU Unified and Correctional bargaining units of the Ontario Public Service for a four-year term. That offer, summarized here, will be voted on by OPSEU members across the province on June 20, 21, and 22.

As a result of the ratification vote, Unified bargaining team elections scheduled for June 10 were postponed pending results of the vote. If Unified members reject the employer’s offer, bargaining team elections will be rescheduled.

Bargaining team elections for the Correctional bargaining unit went ahead as planned, as the June 2 offer requires a Correctional bargaining team to be in place whether Correctional members reject or accept the employer’s offer.

Under OPSEU policy, the Correctional bargaining team consists of 13 representatives, as follows: four Correctional Officers, one Youth Services Officer, one Probation and Parole Officer, one Probation Officer, one Probation and Parole Officer or Probation Officer, one multi-category member, one fixed-term member, one Corrections Institutional Health Care member, one Corrections Unified (ADM/OAD/OPM/TEC) member, and one member at large.

The following members were elected to the Correctional bargaining team:

Correctional Officers and alternates:

Chris Jackel (team chair)
Chad Oldfield
Randy Simpraga
Ken Steinbrunner
First alternate: Chris Butsch
Second alternate: Richard Dionne
Third alternate: Ryan Graham                      
Fourth alternate: Shawn Bradshaw               
Fifth alternate: Jeff Andrews
Sixth alternate: Jason Mushynski                   
Seventh alternate: Chantel Breton                
Eighth alternate: Peter Figliola                     
Ninth alternate: Jeff Wylie

Youth Services Officer and alternate

Youth Services Officer: Peter Harding
Youth Services Officer alternate: Tom Gibson

Probation and Parole Officer and alternate

Probation and Parole Officer: Scott McIntyre
First alternate: Joy Wallace                           
Second alternate: Brian Dunham                  
Third alternate: Wendy Krusto         

Probation Officer and alternates

Probation Officer: Glenna Caldwell (team vice-chair)
First alternate: Pam Pitcher                          
Second alternate: Mary Ferreira       

Probation and Parole Officer or Probation Officer and alternates

Probation and Parole Officer or Probation Officer: Thomas Moffat
First alternate: Michael Kirlew                      
Second alternate: Rhonda Slaven                  
Third alternate: Loretta Willard                    

Multi-category and alternate

Multi-category: Greg Arnold
Alternate: Carrie Fitzpatrick

Fixed-term and alternate

Fixed-term: Yvonne Latchford
Alternate: Matthew Smith

Corrections Institutional Health Care and alternate

Corrections Institutional Health Care: Autumn Butsch
Alternate: Andrew Shakespear

Corrections Unified (ADM/OAD/OPM/TEC) and alternates

Corrections Unified (ADM/OAD/OPM/TEC): Chris Abbott
First alternate: William McCafferty              
Second alternate: Kevin Clancy         

Member at large (from any category) and alternates

Member at large: Rob Nimer
First alternate: Jeff Andrews             
Second alternate: Peter Figliola                                
Third alternate: Wendy Krusto                      

Following the elections, Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President of OPSEU, offered his thanks to members for their participation in the election process. “I’m very proud of the large number of members who ran for election, and I congratulate all those who were elected,” he said. “Getting chosen is an honour and a vote of confidence in your abilities and integrity.”