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OPS Bargaining 2012: Contact your regional and issues mobilizers

Our 27 OPS mobilizers have been at hundreds of worksite meetings across the province in the last several weeks explaining the government’s proposed takeaways and the union’s opening proposals for the next collective agreement.

Regional Mobilizers

Region 1

Mickey Riccardi mriccardi@opseu.org
Lorna Bulgin lm.bulgin@sympatico.ca
Todd Snider (Corrections) tsnider1213@bell.net

Region 2

Lorraine Skitch lorraine.skitch@sympatico.ca
Stuart J. McInnes  union.stuart@hotmail.com
Paula Hagen (Corrections) hagenlocal234@gmail.com

Region 3

Autumn Butsch missautummm@gmail.com
Lisa Egan legan_opseu313@hotmail.com
Sean Platt (Corrections) sean_theguard@hotmail.com

Region 4

Ryan Nickel ryan.g.nickel@gmail.com
Ben Treidlinger ben.treidlinger@gmail.com
Ron Pilon (Corrections) pilon.ron@sympatico.ca

Region 5

Julius Arscott arscottj@hotmail.com
Cindy Kraakman Ladycynthia2002@yahoo.ca
June Morrison jbugmorrison@gmail.com
Dan Marshall (Corrections) jailer@rogers.com

Region 6

John Berry jberry@opseu.org
Janice Zultek jzultek@opseu.org
Mike Bisaillon (Corrections) britgoalie@cogeco.ca

Region 7

Jennifer Roukkula jennyrouk@yahoo.ca
Terri Morris morrist@tbaytel.net
Neil MacDonald (Corrections) macker73@hotmail.com

Issues Mobilizers

Service Ontario

Teresa Rolls terripolaris@yahoo.ca


Pam Smith pam.smith455@gmail.com

MNR Environment & North

Dave Fluri dave.fluri@onlink.net

Community Corrections

Scott McIntyre sanddmcintyre@cogeco.ca

Social Media Coordinator

Jennie Miller jenmiller@opseu.org