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Ontario Science Centre layoffs imminent due to unnecessary closure to the public

June 25, 2024

TORONTO – OPSEU/SEFPO has been informed that more than 50 food services workers at the Ontario Science Centre will receive indefinite layoff notices in the next few days in the wake of the unnecessary closure of the Ontario Science Centre to the public.

“Four days after the Ford government said there would be no immediate job losses from closing the Ontario Science Centre, the layoffs are starting,” said OPSEU/SEFPO President JP Hornick. “We now know that they didn’t even have to close the building, according to their own engineering report. This government just can’t be trusted at all.”

The food services workers at the Science Centre are employed by an outside contractor, Levy Canada, who told the union that they were not given advance warning of the closure of the Science Centre either.

“OPSEU/SEFPO has met with Levy Canada, and we will work with them to try and redeploy as many of our food services workers as possible,” said Hornick.

Since the surprise announcement of the closure of the Ontario Science Centre last Friday, analysis of the engineering report has determined that only a small percentage of the Science Centre roof needs critical repairs, and that all repairs can be done without closing the entire facility to the public. Investors are also stepping forward with donations to fund the necessary repairs.

“This government is clearly trying to find excuses for closing down this beautiful, historic building,” said Hornick. “But they didn’t count on how many people across Ontario love the Science Centre and want it to stay open, right where it is.”

“It isn’t too late,” concluded Hornick. “We demand that the Ford government open the Ontario Science Centre back up immediately, fix that roof, and keep this educational treasure open for good.”