Ontario Public Service Attorney General Appendix 25

Ontario Public Service Attorney General Appendix 25

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FPT contract approved by MAG court workers

The results are in and Flexible Part Time (FPT) workers have approved, by a large margin, improvements to the FPT provisions of the collective agreement at the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Following 10 days of ratification voting the agreement was approved by more than 80 per cent of FPTs across the province. More than 70 per cent of eligible voters took part in the ratification process.

The agreement followed a lengthy survey process earlier this year when court workers were asked to recommend changes to the current FPT provisions. Those recommendations were incorporated into the demands OPSEU negotiated at the table.

The improvements include changes to the annual hours category, overtime payment, holiday pay and the ability to opt in, or out, of benefits.

“It’s been a complicated process but I think FPTs  across Ontario can all take credit for participating in a process that improves their working conditions,” said Julie Weber, chair of the MAG MERC team.

“We wish to thank everyone for their patience and support throughout the process.”

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