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Ontario could spread Pharmacare to the rest of Canada — Dr. Danielle Martin


If we did a good enough job with it, Ontario could spread Pharmacare to the rest of Canada says Dr. Danielle Martin.

Asked what one issue she would like to see in the present provincial election, Martin never even hesitated. Unlike other initiatives that are national in scope, Ontario is big enough on its own to negotiate better drug prices and implement a universal drug plan.

Speaking at Ramsay Talks last night in Toronto, Martin said Pharmacare could begin with “20 drugs to save a nation.”

She says we could pick out 20 generics that are proven to help Canadians manage chronic disease. In Ontario the savings would be so great that the province could theoretically pick up the tab for the rest of the country and still reduce expenditures.

“Let’s focus on the ones that have the biggest bang for the buck,” she said.

That claim alone should be enough for any politician on the hustings to stand up and take note.