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Ontario CBS workers narrowly avoid strike deadline

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Ontario blood services support workers have reached a last-minute tentative agreement with CBS, narrowly avoiding a midnight strike deadline.

“These workers were prepared to do what it takes to ensure the safety of our blood supply system, and I commend them for their strength and courage in taking a stand,” said OPSEU President, Warren (Smokey) Thomas.

The union bargaining team is recommending that its members vote to accept the new four-year contract, which is retroactive to 2013 and will expire in 2017. 

“The union believes this new agreement will play an important role in ensuring Canada’s blood supply remains safe, secure and reliable,” said Thomas. “Public safety is a huge responsibility, and this union will not allow it to be compromised by so-called austerity policies.”

More than 800 employees of Canadian Blood Services are covered by this contract.

More information:
Laurie Miller, OPSEU Campaigns Officer: 416-697-1594
Emily Visser, OPSEU Communications: 416-557-7936