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Ontario Budget 2012 analysis: Action Plan


OPSEU Action Plan for Ontario Budget 2012

OPSEU is developing a strong action plan to respond to the new Ontario Budget. Members of the Ontario Legislature will debate the budget. We need to get them to focus on the real debate: what kind of province we want to live in.

  1. We need to work together.

  2. We need to stand up for public services and tax fairness in Ontario.

  3. We need to say “NO” to this budget and the devastation it would mean for our province and the people.

We need your help to make our plans work:

  1. Lobby provincial members.

  2. Dig deeper into the less-than-transparent budget document to see what the government’s full plan is.

  3. Work with the Ontario NDP in areas of common interest.

  4. Join with community and social justice groups to push for a fair budget;

  5. Coordinate strategy with other unions and partners.

Present full action plan to OPSEU convention April 19 – 21