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OJTBF seeking members for appointment as union trustee

The OPSEU Joint Trusteed Benefit Fund (OJTBF) is seeking OPSEU members who have benefits through the OJTBF to join our Board of Trustees as a union trustee.

The OJTBF believes all plan members deserve access to the best benefits. That's why, in 1996, OPSEU sponsored the OJTBF — to ensure members had access to a trustworthy group insurance provider capable of delivering long-term, affordable benefits. As a not-for-profit benefits trust, the OJTBF provides group benefit solutions to not-for-profit organizations.

Trustees have four to six meetings per year, usually lasting half a day. Time off (including appropriate travel time) will be provided and expenses are reimbursed according to OPSEU policy.

Who should apply?

Individuals with:

  • a desire to serve in a manner that supports the broad interests of the OJTBF's mission;
  • the ability to attend four to six board meetings per year;
  • an interest in benefits and a willingness to learn some fundamental knowledge of the benefits marketplace (supported by materials from the OJTBF);
  • an understanding of OPSEU's beliefs and policies; and
  • the ability to formulate and articulate positions clearly and to work in a cooperative "joint" environment;

We are looking for people who want to contribute to the success of an organization that really does care about the lives and families of all its members. As a union trustee, you will work alongside employer representatives on the Board to address organizational realities in a proactive and constructive joint effort.

Trustees play a crucial role in the oversight and growth of the OJTBF, and provide valuable input into assisting the organization meet its goals. The trust structure, with an equal number of union and employer trustees, recognizes the interdependence of union members and employers in delivering quality benefits as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Trustees are appointed for a two year term. 

Interviews with candidates will be conducted by a committee of the Board of Trustees before final names are submitted to the plan sponsor for consideration. Please become a trustee candidate by submitting a letter of interest and your resume (including two references) by email to Anna Addorisio at aaddorisio@ojtbf.ca. The deadline for this posting is December 20, 2017.

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