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Notice of Interest: LBED Pay Equity – Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC)


LBED's divisional executive is looking for four candidates to serve, for a period of one month, on the joint job evaluation committee,

Notice of Interest

Pay Equity – Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC)

Requires 4 temporary replacements (Approximately 1 month duration)

The JJEC is preparing to review and evaluate the Retail Division and specifically the customer service representative job class.

According to the Pay Equity Terms of Reference, JJEC members are not to rate their own jobs nor shall a Supervisor, if a member of the JJEC, rate a job class reporting to them.

Presently the JJEC consists of three customer service representatives, one “A” Assistant Manager and one Admin clerk from logistics. 

In order to proceed, the JJEC requires 4 bargaining unit members to sit temporarily on the committee for the sole purpose of evaluating only the Customer Service Representative job class. The review includes only the retail fixed term, casual, permanent part time and permanent full time positions.

Your DIVEX is asking for expressions of interest from our membership. Due to the restrictions in the Terms of Reference for the JJEC, we are only able to consider applications from bargaining unit members who do not hold one of these positions nor holds a position in a Supervisory role.  

Guidelines and Criteria for Appointing Committee Members

Article 6 and Article 6.4 (b) specifically, of the LBED Divisional Bylaws, empowers the Executive Officers to make appointments to positions on some Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees of the Division.

In so doing, the Officers will ensure that the appointing process is as fair, equitable and transparent as possible. To assist in accomplishing this, the Officers are to be guided by the following criteria in considering members to be appointed:

  • geographic and regional representation
  • occupational representation – due to the nature of this request, we will not be able to consider applications from members in retail fixed terms, casual, permanent part time or permanent full time customer service representatives positions OR any member in a Supervisory Role.
  • gender and equity balances
  • search criteria and candidate qualifications:
  • proper notice and posting to membership and Locals
  • nomination process, including self-identification of interest
  • submission of resumes
  • committee chairperson recommendations
  • decision to be communicated to candidates and Locals in a timely manner

Deadline to apply:

We will be accepting applications up until 4:00 p.m. on September 24, 2012

Email your resumé to: