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New OPSEU resource on HIV/AIDS to improve workplaces and respect for human rights

HIV/Aids - your work, your union, your rights. OPSEU

OPSEU’s new resource: HIV/AIDS: Your work, your union, your rights, includes a wide range of information, tools and resources that will help make workplaces better for all OPSEU members.

“Solidarity is about taking action,” said OPSEU President, Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “And one of the things I am most proud of is OPSEU’s long history of taking action to end HIV/AIDS.”

HIV/AIDS is still with us. As many as three people a day are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Ontario alone. This global epidemic has been taking lives since the 1980’s, and while progress has been made, our work is still not done.

Thomas stressed that as members of the labour movement, we all have a part to play. “OPSEU will continue to do what it takes to prevent the stigma around HIV/AIDS that damages people’s lives. It’s a matter of respect and defending human rights.”

The OPSEU Live and Let Live Fund was established in 2003. It continues to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation as they provide resources to grassroots organizations in Africa, as well as community groups that deliver crucial HIV/AIDS services in Canada. This new OPSEU resource is part of that ongoing commitment.