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National Medical Radiation Technologists Week November 6-12

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Radiation technologists: where high tech meets patient care

On behalf of the OPSEU Executive Board, we would like to pay tribute to the thousands of radiation technologists across Ontario on the occasion of National Medical Radiation Technologists Week, November 6–12.

Medicine has been radically transformed by advances in radiation technology over the past half century. Medical imaging and treatment technologies have allowed patients to live longer and healthier lives. The work of radiation technologists is a major factor in this success.

But behind all the high-tech equipment are health professionals like radiation technologists, and their colleagues in the fields of magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, radiation therapists, and radiological technology.  As a group, they represent the bridge between the latest medical advancements and the care and comfort that all patients seek. After all, the best equipment in the world amounts to little without a highly-qualified person operating it who can explain outcomes and results.

As medical technology continues to evolve and progress, so, too, will the expectations be that radiation technologists meet new benchmarks. As they have demonstrated in the past, this health care group will meet and exceed these challenges.   

OPSEU represents more than 25,000 health professionals, including radiation technologists and radiation therapists. National Medical Radiation Technologists Week is a timely reminder that it takes a village of health care professionals to keep Ontarians healthy and safe. We thank radiation technologists for their selfless contributions to the well-being of all under their care.

In Solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President
Sara Labelle, Chair, Health Professionals Division