Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

MPAC: ImpacT At The Table – May 2016 – Next stop on the road show: the bargaining table


Information for OPSEU members at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
Issue 6, May 18, 2016

Your OPSEU bargaining team at MPAC has completed its tour of the province. From May 2 to 17, we received a warm welcome from all locals. The vast majority of members are now “up to speed” as far as what’s happening in bargaining – and what’s at stake. The next stop of our road show is right back where we started: the bargaining table. We meet the employer next on May 25.

We need to do everything we can to move the employer towards a fair deal.

Back in March, OPSEU members at MPAC delivered a 92 per cent strike mandate to their team. It’s time to make that 92 per cent real.

Your bargaining team wants a new collective agreement, not a strike. But this employer needs to get the message, loud and clear, that we will strike if that is what is needed to get a fair deal. Showing the employer we’re serious about our lives and livelihoods means getting ready for job action, now.

That is why it is important to complete your Form B (Member Personal Information Form) and provide it to the OPSEU Accounting Department. By now, OPSEU locals should be familiar with the OPSEU strike policy and well on the way to putting plans in place for a work stoppage.

New Q&A highlights striking facts

Got questions about what happens if you are on strike or locked out? Check out our new Q&A that explains how strikes and strike pay work under OPSEU policy.

Support your team on May 25!

As we head back to the bargaining table, your bargaining team is asking OPSEU members at MPAC to show their support at work on May 25. Wear black. Wear your buttons. Take your coffee breaks with your OPSEU coffee mug.  If you are on an Alternate Work Arrangement, please come in to work at your MPAC work location. May 25 is a day to tell our managers: decent pay and working conditions aren’t just for those on the Sunshine List!

Your team is dedicated to being your voice at the bargaining table. Please be our voice in the workplace.

In solidarity,

David Lynch
Chair, OPSEU Bargaining Team at MPAC

Download May 16, 2016 Impact at the Table, Issue 6

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